• Kathy Bichsel

Battle Ready

The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, Lift up your heads O you gates

-Psalm 24:8

With the onset of Covid 19, many commentators are noting that not since World War II has the United Stares of America been confronted with such an insidious enemy. It may not mesh with current popular theology, but the truth is we are in a war moment in our history. God, however, unfazed nor surprised anticipates his people will be ready when the enemy arrives at the gate. His triumphant ones who will stand and prevail against the enemy releasing deliverance to the people of the earth. But, will they?

The sad truth is the average American believer does not even possess a paradigm for a brand of Christian faith that assumes a heartfelt responsibility to fight the good fight for their family or friends, not to mention a nation under siege. Spiritual warfare has been relegated to the praying prophetic crazy types we lock up in the backrooms of our peacetime bunkers of detente. But, reality has hit, the darkness is real and motivational messages cannot sustain a life of faith necessary to recover what the enemy has taken.

The good news is that this is not the end of our story! As Jesus lovers, we are born for battle to experience on earth the victory He has already won! Sounds paradoxical, but it is true! Jesus already neutered the enemy and has given us the weapons to enforce his defeat. The battle cry should not frighten us, in fact it should enlighten us!

The outcome of victories won in scripture include both the taking of spoils and new territory. Holy Spirit is clothing the fearful with new boldness and heavenly strategies for victory. As this virus loosens its hold will you be part of that army turning the battle at the gate? Will you forsake Christianity “light” for a bold faith that rises in supernatural wisdom and strength to recover your losses, or help heal a nation of its trauma? Please say yes!

You do not want to miss the glory of the restoration that lies ahead. Here comes the Lord Mighty in Battle! With you, for you and in you!

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