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Battle Ready Part 2

My Hero-God, you wrap yourself around me to protect me. For I’m surrounded by your presence in my day of battle.-Psalm 140:7(TPT)

When the enemy comes to shake our world and our faith, standing on foundational timeless truths of Scripture is the surest remedy for our trembling hearts. Although we as New Covenant believers do not fight against flesh and blood enemies, some powerful insights can be extracted from the many battlefield victories rehearsed for us on the pages of our Old Testament.

One critical piece of information we immediately glean is that the presence of God being with them was the determining factor in wether or not they triumphed in possessing their inheritance. This ultimate weapon was manifested in either of two ways. God’s very presence was actually physically present in the heat of the battle or it came in the form of supernatural strategies designed to outwit the enemy.

When we study spiritual warfare in context of our position in Christ in the New Covenant, his presence is also the ultimate weapon of all we possess in our spiritual arsenal. The key to Israel’s victory was their relationship with God. It was typified in the carrying of the ark into battle. We can strive and devise all kinds of methods that may sell books and promote programs, but if our core desire is not to honor and host the p,resence of God through our lifestyle we are destined for defeat. We cannot stand against the enemy in religious robes and human strength and expect to win.

Moses brought Israel to the edge of glory, but it was Joshua whose leadership enabled them to taste of the glory of the promised land. Joshua honored the presence of God, spending much time lingering even after Moses had left the tent. It was near Jericho that his own face to face encounter with God spearheaded his successful military campaigns into Canaan.

Overcoming your challenges in crisis, experiencing peace in your battles, and receiving wisdom for your warfare, is vitally connected to a lifestyle of honoring God’s Presence and submitting to the authority of his word. You are the very ark of God! When your lifestyle of worship carries him into battle you will find yourself feasting at the table he has set for you right there in the very presence of your enemies.

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