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How This Prophet's Open-Heaven Encounter Teaches You to Take Your

Updated: Mar 19

Isaiah 6:8 (AMP)
Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

The prophet Isaiah’s heavenly encounter as recorded in Chapter 6 continues to serve as the backdrop for our understanding of how to successfully transition from a season of loss and mourning into the hope and prophetic fulfillment of a new day. Having severed ties emotionally and spiritually with the prior administration of Uzziah, God invites Isaiah into a life-altering revelation of his glory.

Isaiah is captivated by God’s goodness. His lips are cleansed and his perspective has shifted. Now, God asks if he will go and speak for him. Isaiah soberly receives his new commission. Beholding his glory always establishes us firmly in our identity as sons and daughters. A new sense of purpose and calling is sure to follow. Like Isaiah we also are receiving a new commissioning as our new day breaks forth.

We must promptly take up our new assignments. We can no longer afford to compare ourselves with the lives of others to help us determine our way forward. Our callings wether full-time ministry in nature or workplace related must be received by faith out of the secret place. Isaiah’s willingness to go speak to a people who ultimately would be deaf to his warnings should reflect our personal willingness to obey the Lord despite any adversity and opposition that may lay before us.

There is a process of maturity that takes place when God sends us. We learn to stop our striving and allow his Presence to empower us for success. This is a time when our assignments, callings, even geographical locations are changing and we must have the fortitude and courage to receive this change with joy. Knowing it truly is God that has sent you will undergird your faith as you walk triumphantly into your future.

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