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Breaking Through into Your New Day-Part 2

Updated: Mar 11

Isaiah 6:1(AMP)
In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw in a vision the Lord sitting on a throne, high and exalted, with the train of His royal robe filling the most holy part of the temple.

The prophet Isiah’s heavenly encounter as recorded in Chapter 6 continues to serve as the backdrop for our understanding of how to successfully transition from a season of loss and mourning into the hope and prophetic fulfillment of a new day. Having severed ties emotionally and spiritually with the prior administration of Uzziah, God invites Isaiah into a life-altering revelation of his glory.

Hopelessness is s a very powerful emotion. It is rooted in a belief that the current obstacles we face, the adverse circumstances that are part of our lives, now define who we are. For Isaiah, the sinful idolatry of his people, along with their deep spiritual dullness darkened his vision of the nature of God. But God is doing for us what he did for Isaiah. He is unveiling to us just how great and powerful he is and establishing our true identity in the midst of any and all adversity.

In transition, we must allow our hearts to accept this invitation to behold fresh dimensions of God’s love for us. Our circumstances can no longer define us. We can be filled with hope because our gaze has shifted form the failures and desperation of our last season to the spiritual realities that are ours in Christ. This shift in our thinking becomes the foundation for renewed faith in his promise as we begin to practically experience their fulfillment. We stop expecting the worst and begin to anticipate his best!

The mystery of suffering cannot usurp the certainty of God’s faithfulness. Looking at who God is and believing in what he can do in us and through us is a vital key to experiencing the glory of this New Era. Coming out of hopelessness requires that we submit our hearts to heaven’s perspective of our lives and then walk in it.

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