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Breaking Through Into Your New Day - Part 3

Isaiah 6:6 (TPT)

Then out of the smoke, one of the angels of fire flew to me. He had in his hands a burning coal he had taken from the altar with tongs. 7 He touched my lips with it and said, “See? The burning coal from the altar has touched your lips. Your guilt is taken away; your sin is blotted out.”

The prophet Isaiah’s heavenly encounter as recorded in Chapter 6 continues to serve as the backdrop for our understanding of how to successfully transition from a season of loss and mourning into the hope and prophetic fulfillment of a new day. Having severed ties emotionally and spiritually with the prior administration of Uzziah, God invites Isaiah into a life-altering revelation of his glory.

Now having beheld the glory and goodness of the Lord in this revelatory encounter, Isaiah becomes acutely aware that the way he speaks to God and for God must change. Our ability as human beings to articulate with intelligent speech by God’s design, sets us apart from all of creation. It is through our mouths that we are saved! We, like Isaiah must submit our lips to a touch from heaven in this new day.

As the Father is provoking us forward into this New Era, he expects us to verbally align ourselves with his vision for our lives. Our mouths are the gateway to our deliverance. With our mouths we confess, we praise, we decree, we pray, we bless and we agree. The complaining and silence of praise in the midst of our struggles will hold us hostage in an old place of stagnation.

As we begin to experience his goodness it shifts the way we speak and what we speak. As our hearts are impacted by his glory out of them will flow an abundance of Spirit-led speech that will prophesy our future as God sees it. The new mediations of our heart will cause the words of our mouths to release new life into those areas in which we have long desired breakthrough .

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