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When Jesus Borrows Your Boat

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Simon Peter and the other fisherman ….were awestruck over the miracle-Luke 5:10(TPT)

Have you ever been reading a passage in the bible and suddenly you find yourself emotionally connecting with the narrative? The Miracle Catch of Fish as told in Chapter 5 of Luke’s gospel ranks high on my list of “Jesus Stories Guaranteed to Make You Smile”. Set along the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee, with multitudes of the desperate pressing in upon him, we witness the Son of God leaving his disciples simply awestruck by an other-worldly demonstration of kindness. We see Jesus as a true friend, like no other.

Jesus, unable to manage the growing crowd relinquishes his precarious position on the beach, determining the safer alternative to be a move out into the water. Jesus, however, needs someone to help him. He needs friends with a boat. He finds those friends in Peter and Company.

“Jesus climbed into the boat belonging to Simon Peter and asked him “Let me use your boat. Push it off a short distance away from the shore so I can speak to the crowds”.

Peter and his business partners have already called it quits for the day. They are most likely tired and disappointed from an unproductive night of fishing. They have packed everything up for the day, the gear is in, the boat is tied at shore , and its already time for church!

Jesus, however needs their help and despite any potential inconvenience on their end their weary “Yes, Lord” to his request ultimately enables them to experience the wonders of God in a way they never dreamed possible.

When Jesus finished ministering to the people they are asked to do something once again!

“Now ROW out to deep water to cast your nets and you will have a great catch”.

Though Peter was tired and jaded by his prior disappointment, as we so often are, he said “yes” again, as we, yet again, so often do. He left the comfort of the shoreline simply trusting his word. He put faith in the divine instruction and started to row.

The haul of fish is so abundant an extra boat is needed to bring it all back to shore. Not only did the nets burst with truly supernatural provision, the magnitude of the miracle drops an emotional Peter to his knees with a pleading cry

Go Away from me, Master for “I am a sinful man”.

The common interpretation of Peter’s declaration is that he was expressing a deeply held belief that he was such a lowly horrible sinner he could never be worthy of any tangible blessing from his Lord. Sound familiar?? But I wonder if the real source of Peter’s cry was an awakening moment where he comes to the realization he really does not know who God is and what He is like. Could he have actually been thinking, I almost stayed on shore because I could not imagine you were this good and loved me this deeply to provide for me in such a generous way? Jesus actually cares about my needs and notices my devotion?? His sinfulness was his impoverished mindset, one that withered at the prospect of God being a loyal friend who longs to bless us with his gifts and treasure. Jesus worked deeper in Peter as he rowed out into the deep. I venture to say he longs to work that deeply in you, too!

This is truth, the Father affectionately loves his friends and is actually moved by our love for him. Religious thinking portrays God as this austere boss who demands our allegiance, barking orders with the proverbial hell to pay if we disobey. But it is at this thought that my smile emerges because Jesus does not go away, as Peter asks, he draws even nearer! He enlarges the blessing over Peter by proclaiming the immense call he will go on to fulfill as a “fisher of men”.

Peter experienced firsthand the adventure that awaits us if we just let Jesus borrow our boat, saying yes to whatever he requires. There is no sacrifice or inconvenience, you could ever make that will outdo the plans and provision he has reserved just for you.

“After pulling their boats to the shore, they let everything behind and followed Jesus.”

No surprise there! I would follow a Savior like him anywhere.